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When you choose Tailored 385, you get the entire product—grapes, wine, bottling, labels, and shipping—tailored for your brand. Our experts guide every step to create a sip your clients will remember forever.


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Abby Bogle


Abby was born and raised on Bogle Farms in the small eastern New Mexico town of Dexter, home to more cows than people. Raised on the entrepreneurial spirit by both of her parents, Abby was bred to work for herself. From studying abroad in Italy to working hands-on with West Texas wine, her passion for the wine industry quickly turned into a career.

Frank Garza

General Manager

Originally from one of the most popular West Texas grape-growing regions of Plains, Texas. Over the past decade spent in the Texas Wine Industry, Frank has always been everyone's go-to guy.

Zak Britton

Winemaking Team

Zak is a West Texas native who has worked in the wine industry since 2012. He is a sommelier and has a wine-making certification from Cornell University.

Chasity Garza

Office Manager

For the last 10 years, Chasity has proven that she is someone to rely on, for all things compliance and beyond.

Does the bottle they take home Bring them back?

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With One Vendor For Your Personal Label

Private-label wines attract sophisticated customers and visitors. Creating your own custom wine label sets your brand apart from competitors and creates a lasting memory connected to taste and smell for customers. But, the key to increasing revenue with a private wine label is complex, hype-worthy wine. And because you have to disclose where your wine is made on every label, wine made in the same state as your business or brand lends authenticity to the private label.

What People Say About our wine

"The cuvee has such a complex palette."

"I am tempted to drink the rosè with a straw!"

"This wine is the best. Love the pinot!"

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